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Access Doors

Nikomed carries the finest line of fire-rated access doors in the nation. Designed for wall and ceiling installation, access doors are designed to withstand a standard fire without being destroyed. We carry both insulated and non-insulated access doors, depending on the type needed for your installation project. Our high-quality wall access doors are rated to withstand fires for up to 2 hours. Access Doors are needed to complete any construction job or DIY home project. We offer the lowest prices in the marketplace, on all of our Access Doors.

Fire-rated access doors can be used for wall and ceiling use, in locations where it is necessary to have a fire rating. For air-conditioning equipment, an access door can act as a point of entry for the inspection, repair, or service of concealed equipment. Also, crawling through shafts and air ducts will be easier with the use of Access Doors.

You will feel safer at your construction site knowing that you went to Nikomed to purchase the best products available in the market today. Access Doors are a part of the complete line of competitive priced construction supplies that we carry on our website. We have a full staff on hand at all times to assist you with questions about access doors or any of our fine products.