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Air Scrubbers

HEPA air scrubbers are used for the removal of toxic molds,
asbestos, particles, gases, chemicals, and lead dust during the renovation and completion
of construction projects. While many other air filtration systems in the market
place can only handle one type of pollution,Niko Construction Supply carries the most trusted
name brand air cleaners that can handle multiple contaminants at a time. The
brands we carry include OmniAire, Omnitec, and Hepa-Aire portable air
scrubbers. Our air cleaners will keep the air in your work space clean and free
of any type of contamination.

The air scrubber can be used in any type of facility where
airborne contaminants are common. The best way to keep you or your employees
safe and protect their health is to purchase an air scrubber from our online
store. Sometimes, dust masks aren’t strong enough to get the job done. HEPA air
scrubbers are guaranteed to control the particles in the workplace, as well as
decreasing the chances for employees to get a bronchial infection. There is no
doubt that our HEPA air filters provide a cleaner and healthier environment for
construction renovation projects and industrial facilities. This is why our
customers have been coming back to us for over 25 years.

People who work in an area of disaster, such as a major
storm or hurricane have purchased our air scrubbers in their time of need. No
matter what job you need a HEPA air scrubber for; we are guaranteed to have the
best HEPA products available.

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