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Reduce contamination at your work site by purchasing an adhesive tacky mat from Niko Construction Supply.
Adhesive tacky mats are easy to use and will remove dust from your shoes instantly. Scientifically engineered to provide the most efficient control of foot borne contamination, the adhesive surface of the tacky mat will trap dust particles and bacteria, which may contaminate other work areas at your site. Adhesive mats placed at the entry of a construction site or medical facility, will guarantee maximum efficiency.
Peel away adhesive mats are ideal for removing particular matters from boots, shoes, and other footwear. We carry peel away adhesive tacky mats for removing dirt and bacterial-carrying products. Each one of our peel away mats is composed of multiple layers of tacky polyethylene film. The surface adhesive backing of the mat is secured directly to the floor, without having to use a frame.
Having multiple layers makes it easier to trap and eliminate bacterial particles that are stuck to your shoes. When a layer is completely full of dirt, you simply just peel away the layer and throw it away. Keeping the work areas of a workplace has never been easier.
If you have any questions regarding the products listed on our site, just give us a call and talk to one of our experts today!
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Adhesive Mat Frame 25 x 36

Our Price: 35.00
Adhesive Mat Blue 24 x 36, 30 Sheets per Mat / 4 Mats per Case

Our Price: 80.00
Adhesive Mat Blue 36 x 36, 30 Sheets per Mat / 4 Mats per Case

Our Price: 100.00
Adhesive Mat Blue 36 x 45, 30 Sheets per Mat / 4 Mats per Case

Our Price: 110.00
Adhesive Mat Blue 36 x 60, 30 Sheets per Mat / 4 Mats per Case

Our Price: 120.00